I started in the bakery world in Venezuela, where I worked, and own 2 bakeries. I have a total of 18 years of experience in the business.

Even though I moved to the United States and have been here for the last 2 years, I still own my bakeries in Venezuela. I left my personnel well trained and they work from here. At night, I do administrative work, but the remainder of the operation is done by my team in Venezuela.

The experience here has been incredible. It ‘s unique. Working artisanally to create different amounts of bread for large quantities is a work that requires coordination, rhythm, and time! Everyone is coordinated, and the personnel functions beautifully. Also, the recipes are genius!

The pastries here are different from Venezuela. They lean more towards a European style, while the ones in Venezuela are much sweeter. Even if you have a business and you think you have all figured it out, it is always good to gain new experiences and perspectives.