I found myself in the kitchen because I needed a part time job while I was in school studying creative writing. I applied for a front of the house position and told them I made Challah every week. I didn’t know anything about baking except what I did at home.

They asked me to come in and start baking and I never left. I quit school because I didn’t think it was going anywhere.

I’ve been here since around 2015. It’s my 4th time coming back. I fell in love with this place and I think it’s a great stepping stone for people wanting to learn the basics and fall in love with the process. The people here keep me coming back. No matter who’s here, this place just attracts a nice group of people. Whether it’s front of house packing, or pastry, there’s always a unique group of people who are always very friendly and nice. It has a good sense of community.

I’m currently in school for cosmetology. I don’t want to stop baking, but I do want to pursue other options. One of my main goals is to be able to work from home, or close to home, once I have kids. Working in a bakery just doesn’t allow for that. I think that by doing hair I might be able to work from my house and make my own schedule. It’s good to always have a plan B and think on your future.