HOTK Reportes

Do you find yourself collecting stories of the often unseen humans working hard behind the restaurant kitchens or street food markets you enjoy? Do you enjoy storytelling or photojournalism? 

HOTK is looking for reporters worldwide who enjoy the food culture and want to share meaningful stories with the world. We’re here to amplify the message and showcase your work. Whether you are a professional photographer, a passionate journalist, a writer, or even a cook who wants to showcase their industry friends, we can support you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to get started while sharing your work and message across the globe.

How does it work?

  • We will jump on a call and explain the process.
  • HOTK will officially announce that a reporter(you) in your city is asking for chefs or restaurants that want to be featured.
  • We will give you a prompt of questions and ideas to conduct the interview. 
  • We will give you ideas of the type of pictures you can take.


  • HOTK will open the doors for you in the restaurant industry 
  • We can collaborate on the photos and interviews that you share, giving you exposure to our 40k community 
  • We will credit you on the photo and interview on our social media and website

If you are interested contact us


*Please note HOTK is a nonprofit organization. We cannot provide compensation for the images and interviews you submit to us as a HOTK Reporter. It is purely collaborative photojournalism to share to a wider audience. At HOTK we don’t charge restaurants for our photojournalism work or exchange it for free meals.