I was born in Ukraine in the city of Chernivtsi.

I’ve loved cooking since I was young, but it never crossed my mind growing up that I could do it professionally. It wasn’t until recently that cooking began to be viewed as a profession in Ukraine. While I was finishing school, I started seeing modern restaurants opening up, one of which was run by my aunt. Through her, I had the opportunity to see the other side of the kitchen: modern dishes, incredible food, the latest equipment, and chefs who were real artists and creators. Those images will forever stay with me.

One of my biggest achievements happened at 21 when I became the Chef of a large three story restaurant with a high turnaround. I had previous experience with high turnaround restaurants, so the decision to place me at the head wasn’t a mistake. I worked very hard, and in those 3 years, my life changed completely. I became stronger mentally and physically.

During that time, I also learned the importance of creating a proper team. A team that sticks by you when times are tough and who wants to work with you and learn from you. A team that can keep the kitchen running properly when you are not there, and when you come back after a day off, they’re eagerly waiting for you with sincere smiles and sparkles in their eyes.

As Ukrainian chefs, we are uniting and reviving our dishes and traditions. Everyday finding more value in who we are and what sets us apart. After the victory – very soon, we will be able to share with the whole world our knowledge and techniques of how we work with our products and prepare our authentic dishes. The war in our country divided our life into before and after. It has been a year since our country has been torn apart by a fratricidal senseless war, but the attack of a neighboring country on us makes us stronger and more united.