Emanuele Bearzi

Growing up, my twin brother Roberto and I shared a dream of opening a restaurant in Italy, driven by the passion for cooking that our mother instilled in us. After completing culinary school, we both entered the restaurant industry. However, my journey diverged when I was called to serve in the military. Meanwhile, my brother, considered ‘too skinny’ for service, continued to refine his cooking skills by working in various restaurants in the city.

During my time in the military, I had my ups and downs, but I was fortunate to be assigned to do what I do best—spending a year on the base preparing pastries and food for the generals. After my service, my brother and I decided to relocate to Miami and pursue our dream of opening an Italian restaurant. We found the perfect spot in Downtown Miami for Ristorante Fratelli Milano, with historic architecture that felt reminiscent of Milan.

My brother Roberto took charge of the savory side while I focused on creating pastries and fresh pasta. With the flawless management of the front of the house by our partner, Fiorella, we established ourselves as the only traditional Italian restaurant in the area.
Witnessing the transformation of the city around us has been truly remarkable. Seeing the growth of loyal customers and employees who have supported and believed in us for 17 years is a daily inspiration. We plan to continue growing as our neighborhood does without losing our identity and offering that timeless comfort and hospitality we are known for.

During these years, we have ventured into other businesses and concepts, but I believe there is a profound connection between food, love, and the place you cook for – the people, the stories, and the history all matter.

This enduring connection with our specific location motivates me to return to the kitchen every morning, ensuring that our fresh pasta is always available and our pastry cooler remains well-stocked.

  • Downtown Miami