From Olancho, Honduras, to the lively streets and ventanitas of Miami, my journey kicked off when I was just 12, back in 2008. Miami grew on me, and I found my spot in its coffee scene. My first job was at a cozy coffee shop, doing part-time gigs while juggling school. As time passed, I found myself drawn to the hospitality world. At 18, I became a waitress, loving the chats with folks from all walks of life.

There’s something special about working behind the counter of a coffee shop, especially in Downtown Miami, where every cup of coffee holds the potential to be a part of a new story. The little window (Ventanita) becomes a portal to a world of conversation, laughter, and shared moments. For me, it’s not just about preparing coffee and serving pastries; it’s about building community.

In my seven years here at Las Palmas restaurant, I’ve seen faces come and go, but one thing remains constant – the essence of Cafecito culture. In Miami, coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s a ritual, a way of life. Witnessing how the city transforms through this window and becoming part of the daily life of the many professionals who work here in downtown Miami are the things that make me believe that a simple cup of coffee, a croqueta, and a smile can go a long way.

Today, I only have gratitude for Mario and Carla, who have made me feel like part of their family, and for keeping the torch of Cafecito culture lit in a city that never stops changing and growing.