Yos Mosquera

Growing up in Chocó, I would watch my mom cook with so much love, sharing stories about our traditional recipes. Those memories were the ones that ignited my passion for the craft. When I moved to Bogotá, the capital, I quickly realized that I missed the food and culture more than I had expected.

At the age of 16, I started as a steward in a restaurant to test the waters and determine if I truly enjoyed it and wanted to pursue this path seriously. I then attended culinary school and began working, immersing myself in the diversity of Bogotá, exposed to various recipes from different regions and perspectives. I firmly believe that every recipe is unique, and there is no right or wrong way, especially when it comes from your roots. Take the soup, sancocho, for example; it varies greatly depending on the region, with different ingredients adding unique components.

Before arriving here in Testigo, surrounded by the smoke, reading tickets, I managed a well-known restaurant brand nationwide and even owned my own restaurant. However, all roads led me here, where I cannot adequately express the joy I feel to be in the heart of the capital, especially in this kitchen.

Here, I blend traditional recipes from my upbringing with those I’ve acquired throughout my culinary journey, curating a collection of my favorite dishes from across Colombia, with a significant portion originating from the Pacific coast, my home.