Tam Pham

I’m from Saigon, Vietnam. I came to the USA in 2008, settling in Seattle for my first three years and then Miami. During those college dorm years, I deeply missed Vietnamese cuisine and had no nearby options. So, I gradually taught myself to cook by seeking advice from family, reading, and watching YouTube tutorials.

Hospitality has always captivated me because it offers many opportunities, such as working on cruise ships, hotels, coffee shops, catering,etc. I explored various roles, from managing a hotel to running a coffee shop. Finally, I decided to venture into restaurants to understand the operation better. Transitioning from a front-of-house role to management, I even contributed to opening a concept under Genuine Hospitality Group. During those days, I saw how professional kitchens operated with a closer look.

In 2019, my partner and I embarked on a small project: a supper club at our house. It was an informal gathering where we prepared Vietnamese dishes we loved and couldn’t find elsewhere. The concept evolved; it became an official supper club after the second event. We charged a small fee to cover food and drinks, just enough to break even. It wasn’t about profit but practicing my culinary skills and having fun.
In 2020, amidst layoffs, we boldly decided to give everything to our supper club project, @tam.tam.mia Easy to remember, it has a charm that resonates with everyone—even strangers call me Tam Tam. It’s a name that in Vietnamese means ‘heart,’ symbolizing two hearts, the union between me and Harry, my partner.

Our journey gained momentum when we seized the opportunity to transform into a pop-up at 1800 Lucky. Featuring a curated menu, our pop-up exceeded all expectations. Encouraged by this success, we ventured further, hosting another pop-up in Little River.

Looking back, I’m grateful for my partner, dedicated staff, and supportive friends who have been part of TamTam. From the ones with years of experience in the restaurant and bar industry to the ones just starting, each one played a vital role in making our project a reality. Without their support and hard work, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

  • Downtown Miami