Karely Ibañez

I grew up with the dream of becoming a lawyer, but it wasn’t until my 8th semester that I began to realize how complex and challenging it was, especially in this country. I saw how many contradictions existed within the legal system, and despite my knowledge of the law, there always seemed to be loopholes. It was during this time that I made the decision to quit law school, a choice I kept hidden from my family for a while.

Following my departure from law school, I secretly enrolled in a culinary school to pursue my passion for cooking.

In the culinary world, food follows a natural cycle and a set of laws that are less contentious. By using the right ingredients, treating them with respect, and applying proper techniques, the outcome is usually satisfying. In contrast, the legal realm is unpredictable; even if you do everything by the book, unexpected results can still occur.

Eventually, my family learned about my change in career path. While the initial period was challenging, they ultimately wanted me to find happiness. Despite the difficulties and tears shed along the way, I hold onto the dream of owning my own place. I believe that every cook shares this aspiration. While we may enjoy the journey, it’s important not to lose sight of our destination.