Lexi van Breugel

I was born and raised in London but spent much of my childhood visiting family throughout Europe and Asia. Food always played a central role during these family gatherings, and cooking at these special events developed my passion for exploring unusual ingredients and spices from across the globe. Over the past few years, I have explored international cuisine, blending South Korean and Sri Lankan flavors with British produce.

I joined the hospitality industry in 2021 at London’s Fallow restaurant, where sustainable cookery was a top priority. I learned to transform overlooked ingredients into stunning dishes and trained as the in-house butcher for four months. This experience taught me how to utilize every part of the animal and reduce waste. I am currently working at @daterrarestaurant, a 2-Michelin-starred restaurant that showcases Brazilian cuisine at its most refined to expand my knowledge of international gastronomy.

To connect with the London food community on a broader scale, I have also been involved in the pop-up scene here as co-founder of Root Supper Club. Root evolved out of the realization that many talented chefs work immensely hard for very little recognition. These events provide chefs with a platform to showcase their culinary skills by curating a unique menu for one evening. They have also allowed me to become more in tune with other sides of hospitality.

Working in the food industry can be both challenging and rewarding. Despite the sacrifices that come with it, the endless opportunities to learn and grow can be addictive. Having spent three years in this field, I am eager to see changes in the leadership style in some kitchens. The military-style approach needs to be updated and eliminated. Although there has been some progress in achieving work-life balance, there’s still more that can be done to make it better.

What is your favorite street food?

Buchimgae, Korean seafood pancake

Which restaurant or food stand do you recommend? (Different from yours) (Add its Instagram handle if possible)


What is your guilty pleasure?

A huge meat platter of offal and undetectable meats from Mangal Ocakbasi in Dalston. Followed by a complementary plate of their unbelievable Baklava.

What ingredient do you find overrated?

I haven’t come across an ingredient that I find overrated yet.

What ingredient do you think is underrated?

goats butter

What is your favorite kitchen tool?

I am currently on the pastry section and find a dough scraper incredibly useful.

What is your worst kitchen nightmare?

Not checking the raw fish properly… so serving a huge parasitic worm to a customer.

Is there someone you would like to nominate for an interview? (Add Instagram handle)

Beatriz Cuvolo, @beatrizcuvolo