Gerardo Rizzo

I am originally from Guatemala, and my passion for cooking began at a young age. I enrolled in Guatemala City’s renowned culinary school “ITECAP.” After completing my education, I had the chance to work as a kitchen assistant on a cruise ship for a year. Traveling the world had always been a dream of mine, and leaving my homeland was necessary to broaden my horizons.

Destiny led me to Portugal, where I immigrated and worked at local kitchens and catering companies. Later, I worked with Hard Rock Cafe, and my journey with them took me from Lisbon to Austria and finally to Sevilla, Spain. I served as a kitchen manager for my last two years with them. However, in 2019, I decided to make a change in my culinary career and quit.

I went on a five-month backpacking adventure across Asia, which reignited my passion for cooking. It exposed me to a variety of flavors and culinary traditions and felt like a graduation of sorts. This trip enriched my knowledge, realizing that continuous learning and innovation are crucial in the culinary field.

While traveling in Asia, I explored five countries and enjoyed their unique cuisines. However, I was most fascinated by staying with families and experiencing their culture through food. I had the opportunity to converse with locals, which often led to heartfelt invitations to dine in their homes. These experiences inspired me to create Bora, where guests are welcomed into my home, and I cook for them.

Back in Guatemala, My wife and I started hosting dinners in our apartment. As demand grew, we transitioned to private dinners where guests paid to join us at our dining table. Finally, we opened Bora, offering the same warmth and hospitality as you were in our home.

Currently, I’m based in Paredon, specializing in fresh seafood despite village growth and power outages. Looking ahead, I plan to specialize in fish further, embarking on early morning fishing trips to bring the freshest catch. I aim to create unique and delectable dishes using every part of the fish, offering guests an unforgettable culinary experience!

📸& 🎤 by @christianguval our coastal 🌊 reporter!