I started my culinary journey at 17 and graduated with a degree in hospitality and culinary. Afterwards, I worked in Michelin star restaurants and “bocateria’s” to opening my first restaurant at 25.

My restaurant served traditional Mediterranean food in a traditional kitchen with formal service for the customers, presenting them with simple dishes as something very special, but in a quiet and casual setting. All of it changed when the Russian-Ukraine war started. Price inflations ignited the restaurant wars. Everything became too expensive and I decided to leave Europe because the situation worsened day by day.

A job offer to be an Executive Chef brought me to New York. Now I’ve been living in Miami since October, and honestly? I’m happy here.

Along my journey, I believe a good restaurants depends on how you sell it and the value and story that you give to the food that people are going to buy from you. Anchovies are the same here as they are in Spain. It’s the same product, but what matters is personal perspective and unique touch you give to it.