“We started cooking professionally when we were 15; it has always been our passion. It saved our lives, we’re Italian women with a global mind, and it was hard growing up in a place with few opportunities and having to start from zero.

The kitchen gave us a clear focus on what we wanted, which was to travel the world, give to people and show that you can achieve any goal you set your mind to.

We worked in Italy for 8 years and traveled through Mexico, Thailand, Kenya, Dominican Republic, India, and Miami. Then we decided to change countries and leave everything behind once our parents died and the pandemic hit; selling everything we had and went towards our destinies.

Now we live in London and work together at Luca Restaurant! Our sacrifice is our independence. Hard work always pays off, and we wouldn’t have been able to choose where to go were it not for all this. Our greatest victory has been to be free! People shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves and be different.

I thank those who believed in us from the start. Seeing that fire that few knew how to handle, believing in yourself, taking that pain and making champagne with it.

This is just the beginning of our journey; are you ready?”