Shaheen Malek
This Cart has been here since 2007. I’m from Bangladesh, and my journey in this city started twenty years ago. Cooking has always been my trade, my passion, my life. Back in Bangladesh, I was a chef and owned different restaurants.

Like countless others, I embarked on this immigrant journey and ventured into the food business world here in New York. I used to operate seven carts, but now I have five. Everybody took a hit with COVID, but thanks to life and my loyal customers, I’m still in business.

My cuisine blends Indian, American, and Middle Eastern flavors. We serve Middle Eastern staples like Falafel and Gyro alongside fragrant Indian dishes. Sometimes, I even throw in a curveball, offering hot dogs or Italian fare. Variety keeps it interesting and fun, you know? Business has had its ups and downs, but it’s slowly picking up again. It’s all good; we’re all good.

For me, cooking is deeply personal; it’s a reflection of your essence. It’s all about biryani and curry, crafted in my unique Indian style. I take pride in using clean, fresh ingredients prepared right here daily. When I see my customers enjoying every bite with satisfaction, that’s what keeps me going. Their happiness is intertwined with the future I have built for my family.

My wife manages our home; I have three sons and a daughter. They’re all pursuing their education here, thanks to the opportunities this job has provided. It’s been a challenging journey, but we’ve managed it together. This career has allowed me to offer them the chance to pursue their dreams and educational goals, filling me with pride daily.
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