My name is Sakhi. I was born in India and have been living in New Zealand for over three years.

I was interested in flavors ever since I was a child, I was never a picky eater. Contrary to most chef origin stories, I was never trained by my grandparents/parents in the kitchen. I chose the industry against my family’s wishes.

What I love most about cooking is being physically, mentally and emotionally involved in what I do, waking up with new ideas everyday, and the camaraderie within the hospitality industry.

The glorification of the hustle culture needs to change. Surviving on 2 hours of sleep, caffeine and nicotine might sound great for memoirs, but they will not sustain a genuine passion for food in the long term.

It’s 2023 and it’s high time we acknowledge that we are humans with every right to rest and a personal life.

No matter how prestigious a kitchen is, don’t tolerate disrespect. You might have a great opportunity to learn, but it’s not worth sacrificing your mental health. You deserve acceptance among your peers and a safe space.