“I’m a cook. I don’t consider myself a chef, I require more experience for that. But that’s what I strive for everyday – to keep working to be the best I can. I’ve also been exploring videography as a way to correctly tell the story about the craft behind each and every dish. Everyone knows what the front of house does. To the guest, they are the face of the business and their work is displayed in full view. Everything seems under control and the guests are none the wiser. But in the back of the restaurant it can be a hostile environment. It’s hard work sustained under high temperatures for long hours. It can bring out the best and worst in people, but it also reinforces the notion of camaraderie and what being part of a family is all about.

I think that during this pandemic our industry will resonate stronger within our society. People are starting to realize the role we play in society and the importance our service provides. If something positive comes out of all this, I hope it goes towards the men and women of our industry; the cooks, chefs, bakers, farmers, and everyone in between. I hope the government steps up, but if not, then it’s up to us. We need to continue supporting those that feed.”