“Ive hustled through this industry since I was 16 years old. In that time I did it all; I worked in top restaurants in Spain, ran my own catering company and I even created a frozen product that was sold in grocery stores in Venezuela.

My whole life I‘ve been designed to adapt. When I had to leave Venezuela due to its internal situation, I came to Miami and had to start everything over from scratch. Over time I found an opportunity to open a tavern in Little Havana and it’s from there that today I’m doing my take on Chinese food in the middle of Wynwood.

I believe the key to my success is that I always kept my eyes looking forward and to the future. I took the time to notice and analyze what was happening around me just so I could find the right path I needed to take. Sometimes I feel it’s a similar situation with Covid-19; people are waiting, listening to opposing news and watching to see what others are doing. Instead, they should be developing their own perceptions and learning how to think critically on their own. That’s the only way to continuously adapt and move forward.”