“We’re a mother and daughter team with a simple, casual concept; Covid 19 hasn’t hurt us as much as it has others. We opened as a eat-in/takeout concept, so switching to takeout only wasn’t that hard; we’ve been able to keep on most of our staff. That’s not to say our sales haven’t gone down, but we’ve been able to manage.

We started our family business over 40 years ago with a restaurant in Spain – we are committed to surviving. We have passion for this industry and we believe that’s the key. We put everything we have into our work and have developed a community around it. Restaurants will remain, but things will be different for years to come. I hope to see more ’mom & pop’ places opening, especially with an increased demand in affordability, but it’s hard to tell what will happen.

I think my advice as an owner is to use this time to get your menu the way you’ve always wanted it. As chefs we often don’t have enough time to experiment with new dishes and allow ourselves to be creative. Take this time as an opportunity to reorganize and restructure not just your business, but also your life.”