“This has always been a very resilient industry. Even with this seemingly insurmountable crisis, you immediately saw a change. Restaurants switched their entire business models; offering make-at-home meal kits and even turning into grocery stores. We adapt. There’s been amazing support from within our industry throughout this situation; both locally and beyond its been amazingly inspiring. Where there isn’t enough support is with all these third party delivery companies like UberEats and PostMates. They pretend they are waiving fees in their commercials but that’s only for the customer as they continue to charge restaurants up to 30% of each sale. So where’s the silver lining in all of this? I believe it’s in the human connection; making time for friends and family. There’s a strong sense of unity in all of this, we’re in it together. That’s something I hope doesn’t go away. And I hope there’s a greater appreciation for the service our industry provides.”