“With the amount of loss there has been, we’re going to have a lot to gain once the playing fields are back open. I can tell you that no restaurant had a plan for something like this to happen, and many won’t be able to recover. It brings about a certain kind of awareness.

People need to eat and with this situation I find them to be more intrigued in the art of cooking now that they are having to cook for themselves. They are still supporting their favorite local restaurants when they can, and that is amazingly gratifying to see. But I do hope we take this opportunity to make the correct changes required. Year after year, this industry has seen less bottom-line professional workers. This is due to low pay and zero benefits – something I hope will change.

My advice to restaurants is to stay strong and stay positive – everything happens for a reason. Do whatever you need to do to keep your business running and your team afloat. Use the time to make changes in aspects you weren’t happy about. Everything won’t go back to being ‘normal’ again, but you can find hope in a new and improved normal. And for the community, support your local businesses when you can, help them through these times. This isn’t only for restaurants, but other small businesses as well. They are all working for the community and it’s our duty as citizens of the neighborhood to support them, now more than ever.”