“I’ve worked everywhere, from fast food restaurants to massive Stadium and Hotel operations. But on my days off, you’ll find me here – serving food on the street from my tent. This is where I feel good, where I feel good about what I serve. This is better than all that processed shit we’re usually served.

This is real food that everyone can feel good about. All around us fast food restaurants are popping up, and grocery stores are closing. It’s hard to compete with that. I know a lot of places where the food quality is poor, but they don’t care. These are the same people who call themselves chefs, but refuse to cover a dishwasher or prep cook’s shift if they call out.

To be a good chef, to be a good restaurant manager, you have to be willing to face the same pressure as the rest of your team. You have to be ready to get into the weeds. When you’re looking for an experience, learn about the chef, his craft, and understand why you’re paying what you’re paying. But if you’re just looking for a quick meal, don’t go to a chain, come visit your local street vendors.”