“I am a 34 years old executive chef from Milano, Italy.

Twelve years ago, I casually began to work in the kitchen in London, where I lived for five years. Then I traveled around Europe for work purposes, from Germany to Spain, ending in Belgium. During these years, I worked mainly in the gourmet and Michelin Stars restaurants, high-end catering, and hotels in different roles: from chef de partie to head chef position. I decided in the autumn of 2019 to come back to my hometown and carry the path of a private chef for events, dinners, and food content creator thru Instagram.

Cooking for me means entering my world. When I imagine a dish with its combinations and colors, the creative process is very complex. I study everything: taste, first of all, the cooking technique, the angles, how to position the elements, the decorations, the colors. I try to arouse emotions in my customers (during my dinners at home) when they look, smell, and taste my dishes: I would like to fix a memory, an exceptional and pleasant experience, in the intimacy of their own home. I find inspiration in many things: from the emotions that people give me to music, nature, and paintings.

What I can tell you if you decide to start the path of being a chef is to
never stop being curious, exploring, traveling, and opening your mind to everything around you. This job will ask you to sacrifice your time, stay on your feet for long hours, and be mentally strong. Put your heart into this if it’s your passion because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the smiles and appreciation of the people you will cook for.”