“My father is an incredible person who was an entrepreneur in Venezuela and had his own companies. He had a bottle factory in Venezuela and he continues to be a hard worker. My father is a very nice and noble person at heart. You will always find him happy and cheerful. How did he start cooking you ask? By helping me. I really needed a lot of help for the pop-up and had no one to give me a hand. Well, him being the great father he is, said, “I’ll go help you.” So he began helping me from moving things to making arepas and doing everything in between. He never studied culinary, not ever, he simply learned by assisting me and I swear that he is the fundamental pillar of my project. He is the person that I am privileged to be able to say, “My dad is the partner/owner of @themaizproject ,” because he is the one who helps me, the one who breaks his back with me, the one who lifts things, the one who washes things, the one who provides the arepas, and the one who helps me grind the corn.

The truth is that I appreciate him and I admire him very much. I swear to you that without him, I couldn’t do anything. This is his cooking story because it is his only experience in cooking and it has all been to help me grow and flourish!”