“I’ve been a pastry chef in the industry for over ten years, though it was always my passion. I’m a woman from Argentina with a global mind and ambition, but circumstances in life have made me have to start from zero.

The kitchen’s given me a clear focus on what I wanted in life, which was to travel the world, give to people, and show that you can achieve any goal you set for yourself. I’ve spent the last ten years traveling, working in Argentina, The Netherlands, Morocco, and now in Uruguay!

I think each person that passes by you leaves a tiny grain of sand that ultimately enables you to be the person you are today, where you’ll become a fighter not to have people walk over you; everything is possible with people around you who support you, and each person who’s helped me along the way has made me who I am today!

Sacrifice and hard work always pay off, and I thank everyone who’s believed in me from the start and along the way!