“My passion has always been to find “think-outside-the-box” ways to elevate dishes. I love being my own version of an “experimental rebel” in the kitchen; taking old-school classical dishes and approaching them with different ingredients and a modern touch, allowing me to keep it fresh, while paying tribute to its origins.

I’m a proud Cuban-American from New Jersey, and although I’ve only been in the kitchen for 8 years, I have made some great strides. I’ve worked in 2-Michelin star restaurants with Daniel Boulud and Andrew Carmelini, been on the Food Network’s Cooks Vs. Cons and Chopped, and featured on Fox 5’s Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay.

These days, you’ll find me running my catering company, The Digital Food Truck where we specialize in creating elevated dining experiences with a food truck vibe. It’s given me the opportunity to have absolute freedom with my menu, allowing ever-evolving seasonal offering.”