“I started my career in London 12 years ago as a steward, and I quickly developed a love for this beautiful profession. Soon enough, I’d decided to pursue it as a career, and moved to Argentina to go to culinary school, then migrated to Paris, Buenos Aires, Bogota, and Miami in search of knowledge! I’ve started from zero more than 20 times throughout my career – every time I moved to a new place of work, I had to adapt to an entirely new world of recipes, techniques, colleagues, equipment – and more! It was like starting all over again, all for the desire to learn more and improve my abilities as a cook.

Eventually, I decided to open up my place, and unfortunately, due to the pandemic, after three years, I found myself having to close its doors. I can’t wait to be able to open a restaurant again. Today I’m here in Canada, ready for a new challenge and a new beginning; all I want to do is continue chasing my dream – creating food!”