“I’m from Colombia, and back when I lived in Medellin I used to sell aromatics, coffee and chocolate – all from 3-5 litre jugs I’d carry around in my hands. I’d even go around shops and have a list of people requesting aromatics for the weekend. A few years later in Antioquía I set up a small spot and sold meats roasted over coal for around one year, then moved to the capital.

I’ve done a lot over my time, and what brought me to Miami in the end was that I bumped into an old love from when I was 18. 20 years later we stumbled into each other and I flew here in 2015, got married and now I’m super happy. I made it!

I love Miami, and this country. There’s so much opportunity here, and it’s a shame that Colombia is in the state that it’s in. You have to work hard here, but at least you can move up in the world if you set your mind to it, here.”