“I am Cuban, Cuban American. I have been living here for 20 years.

The Napolitana pizza comes from a very long tradition. I would say what the Cuban pizza and the Napolitana pizza have in common is that they both have helped to relieve starvation. Pizza has a deep history of how it has helped to alleviate hunger throughout the world. In Cuba, pizza has helped reduce hunger significantly, and we have adopted it for our own. There is a big difference with Italian pizza because everything made in Italy is much more elaborate. Cuban pizza has a thicker crust, and the cheese extends over the top of the crust, burnt to a crisp. This burnt cheese awakens a Cuban’s memory, and in reality, that pizza with burnt cheese is what makes a Cuban pizza. The Cuban and Italian pizzas are very different; the only thing the same is the structure. A structure that dates back 2000 years BC.

I think a pizza pop-up is an efficient business, apart from how I lived many years in the industry, and pizza is something I love. It’s bringing a traditional pizza from a high-end restaurant in Miami to the streets! I worked for many years in restaurants, and I know the world of gastronomy. I learned this during the pandemic a year and a half ago, researching online and with the help of friends. Following the traditional techniques, I built an oven especially to make this type of pizza and created my “carrito.” It’s been super great; you’ll see when you taste the pizza!

The mobile business has always been super practical! There are always places to do it, and people love to break away from the ordinary, change up their routines to try new things. People stop here, grab a quick bite and enjoy something different! It’s always going to be a great business.

In two weeks, my new food truck will be out there and will be able to serve my pizza in more places around the city.
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