“I have a company that creates culinary experiences around the world using open flame hearth and century-old cooking techniques. Our display of equipment and the different ways to cook with fire create an authentic atmosphere.
The aromas generated by the firewood, the texture of our grills (which we designed based on the Uruguayan BBQ tradition) and cooking with the most high-quality products make a magnificent meal.

Cooking like this is a ritual, a ceremony. It’s very ancestral. It’s different than in kitchens, there’s no gas or way to accurately regulate temperature. You have to respect the fire and understand the weather. They dominate and you adjust accordingly – everyday is a new challenge I have had to cook under the rain several times and be extremely creative to pull off a final meal.

It’s what I love most about this style of cooking, having to account for so many factors and adjust on your feet, and it’s a very physically demanding but at end it’s always rewarding.”