I was born in Jamaica, and I’ve lived in Miami, Florida for 20 years now. I’m currently 29 years old and I visit Jamaica every 2 to 3 years.

I started culinary around 2013 here in Miami and I’ve worked at Earl’s Kitchen and Bar, Capital Grill, and Toro Toro in Intercontinental Miami. I’ve also done schooling at Florida International University where I got my Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management.

My vision is to work well as a Chef and to become a consultant in the future. I want to help restaurants better themselves and become very successful.

As for what I like to cook, I like going back to my Jamaican roots. I like oxtail, curry goat, to name a few. Within my schooling, I’ve become Americanized since I’ve cooked at Steakhouses. So, tomahawks, fillets, skirts, chucks, those are all my specialty.

Currently, I’m now getting into Asian Fusion style cooking because they are more technical based with different techniques and different styles of how they plate versus working at the steakhouse, which, not to demean it or anything, is more generic. It’s still good food, but there is more artistic flavor within Asian style, within Mediterranean style, within Caribbean style, kind of like the Eastern Hemisphere.