I’ve always loved the kitchen and pastries. My mom cooks divine and everything I know I’ve learned from her.

My story starts when I wanted to make my boyfriend a gift and I asked my mom to help me make tequeños (a fried, breaded cheese stick typical of Venezuela). When he received the gift, he told me they were delicious and that we could make money with them because it was something people were missing out on.

That’s how we started @quetequenosc in Venezuela. Thanks to God and our persistence, our business grew.

Unfortunately, due to the situation in my country, I had leave behind everything I’d worked for with so much love, discipline, and persistence. I arrived at the United States with many illusions and a desire to learn more about the kitchen. Thanks to @eatpizzella I now make delicious pizzas when 3 months ago I’d never done one in my life.

I’m grateful to Larry because he taught me with much patience and dedication. He also taught me many other recipes and I love being in a state of constant learning.

Right now, I’m doing my third pastry course and soon more kitchen stuff!

Thanks to the people who share this passion with me, immigrating has been less difficult. We have lots of stories and different events each day. I’ve even burnt my eyelashes with the pizza oven for getting too close! But aside from that, I enjoy every lesson I learn each day.

I believe the kitchen is about feeling and even knowing how the climate is because that will affect how the dough works daily. It’s also about improvising and acting quickly, lots of burns and cuts, but also lots of love and satisfaction when a customer tells you they love your food and that makes me want to get better and keep learning.