Almpantidis Nikolaos

I’m from Greece, specifically from the vibrant city of Thessaloniki. I’ve always had a deep passion for cooking and genuinely love my job. In my line of work, creation plays an important role. I like working with local products that thrive in my region and using them to craft dishes of high gastronomy while respecting the traditions that are my craft’s foundation.

My journey into the culinary world was guided and nurtured by my parents and some incredible chefs who provided their support and knowledge. My first job in the industry was at the Hyatt Hotel. It’s hard to believe that it’s been eight years since then. Currently, I’m proud to be a part of the culinary team at the Ammoa Hotel.

The turning point in my career came when I had the opportunity to cook for the President of Greece. The positive feedback and compliments I received were deeply gratifying

There will always be low and high moments in our careers. The most important thing is to stay humble and consistent.

What is your favorite street food?

Bao buns

Which restaurant or food stand do you recommend? (Different from yours) (Add its Instagram handle if possible)

Delta restaurant

What is your guilty pleasure?


What ingredient do you find overrated?


What ingredient do you think is underrated?


What is your favorite kitchen tool?


What is your worst kitchen nightmare?

A colleague’s shirt was burnt.