I started cooking a lot at home during the pandemic, mainly foods I ate in New York, Mediterranean style to be more specific, and I found I loved it. But I wanted to learn how to cook professionally, and in the process, I got the opportunity to meet the chef I work with now. He allowed me to work in his kitchen, where I’ve been the last couple of months.

Before the pandemic hit, I worked in tech at Apple, and one of the things I brought over from my former career was paying close attention to detail and being very organized—two factors I found important then and now in my current profession. Good listening skills are another essential factor too.

Cooking has become my passion, and I don’t see myself working on anything else. At the moment, I’m working on the pastry side, an area I never thought I would learn to love since I like savory. Still, I believe it is essential to understand everything from pastry to savory because, at some point, you’re going to incorporate both.