My name is Alessandro Piso.

Born in the culturally rich city of Melaka, Malaysia, I have a unique culinary philosophy that embodies distinct flavors. With an Italian father and a Malaysian-Indian mother, my culinary roots are deeply intertwined.

I strive to marry contrasting styles into cohesive menus, pushing creativity’s limits to conjure dishes that genuinely stimulate the senses. My heritage is a critical element of my rationale in the kitchen, driving me to constantly explore, experiment, and pay homage to authenticity.

My journey into the culinary world began in 2011 when I started as a dishwasher at a highly-rated restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Within just one year, I rapidly rose the ranks to become a kitchen helper, where I played an integral role in food preparation and supporting the team to execute service with distinction.

I then ventured into hotel dining, gaining invaluable experience and honing my craft at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. These experiences led me to cross paths with Michelin-star chefs, who were often guests at the restaurant. I furthered my expertise by working at Kuala Lumpur’s leading Japanese restaurants, NOBU and Sushi Hinata.

Fuelled by an insatiable hunger for learning, I decided to explore French cuisine. My journey led me to become the sous chef of Maison Francaise, witnessing a meteoric rise in my culinary career, leading me to other great opportunities.

My journey through different culinary ventures has profoundly impacted my food philosophy and a renewed focus on my heritage. Returning to my roots, I took on the role of chef de cuisine at Nido del Picchio, a renowned restaurant located in Piacenza, Northern Italy. During my time there, I played a crucial role in maintaining the restaurant’s prestigious Michelin star.