“As a kid I used to listen the old man selling corn around the neighborhood, how he made them always intrigued me.

No one in my family cooks, not even my grandmother – and because of this I decided to start using the kitchen of my house and it eventually became my personal space, because I used to share rooms with my brother, it meant the kitchen was the only space I could make my own. Heck, I loved spending time in that place, experimenting with a variety of ingredients.

After highschool I went to culinary school to try and go pro, wanting to find a generic style in which to do things. Eventually though I realized that each restaurant kitchen works differently, with each having its own flow.

I got to where I am today because I fell in love with the concept of an open kitchen, and the attention to detail you needed to have. I spent months trying to convince my now Chef to give me the opportunity to become part of his team, and eventually he let me in!”
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