“I’m 54 years old, and have been here for nearly 14 years now! The concept for this restaurant was developed by my in-law, a restaurant that serves cachapas, 25 years ago. He always had a vision of working with high-quality ingredients and being one of the best in the country – and to this day we still work with that philosophy, carrying on his legacy even after 12 years since I came to work here.

When we took over, people didn’t think we could succeed because it wasn’t our line of work or speciality, but here we are, still open! We believe that our cachapas are the best in the country because we treat each one as if we were making it for ourselves or our sons, so we do our absolute best each time. My husband is very supportive, he does much of the prep, the cleaning. My youngest son focuses on customers and my oldest daughter handles all the admin and sourcing. I get to focus entirely on cooking.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we closed for six months – and when we got to open again we had to deal with the blackouts that caused even more losses. It was very hard, we kept getting kicked down and had to get back up, now we’ve been open for six months, with its ups and downs and struggles but we’ve managed. I’m a Christian, and I truly believe it was through the lord’s will that we’re still open, but it was also thanks to the support of customers that we pushed to open again.”
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