“I’ve been in San Pedro for the last 28 years but I’m originally from Salvador and have been making my famous Salvadorian pupusas for the last 14 years already. Street food has always been my thing, but three years ago I decided to rent a spot because I couldn’t find a place in which to store all the produce and was fed up of fighting with the rain – when it rains here, it pours – and you can’t be working out on the street.

I love the kitchen, even 14 years later I wouldn’t do anything else, I love making my pupusas and I’ve met a lot of people over the years. People really love me and I have fans – see, money changes people, but fame doesn’t, and it’s why I always say that I love fame but don’t like money.

This place’s become super popular with tourism over the years, sadly, and most of the food that you find in the streets is now international. I still don’t get the reason why people travel to the other side of the world to eat the same damn food they could eat at home.

I did have to accommodate my new clientele though, as most of the people who passed by were vegetarian backpackers, which is why I invited my now iconic spicy zucchini pupusa!”