My name is Adib Abdelmounim. I was born in Mohammedia, Casablanca. Currently, I reside in Dubaï, the most beautiful city in the world.

My love for the kitchen began at a young age. Since my parents worked the whole day, I started learning how to cook by watching chefs on tv. I spent most of my days watching cooking shows before enrolling in culinary school at the specialized Institute of Applied Technology for Hospitality and Tourism of Mohammedia.

After I got my baccalaureate degree, I started working in different restaurants until I got the chance to immigrate to Dubaï, UAE. Here, I met some excellent chefs that helped me improve my career. The kitchen offers me a space to innovate new dishes and learn new techniques daily. I love French gastronomy: the sauces, cooking techniques, and the art of plating.

The Moroccan kitchen is full of different tastes. I’m trying to discover my culinary style by making a fusion between the French techniques and art of plating and the Moroccan taste to make something traditional with a modern touch.

In this profession, you learn important lessons in life. Nothing comes easy, and with love and passion, you can reach your goals in life. Learn the kitchen basics. Knowledge is what makes the difference between a chef and a cook. Be the leader you wish you had. Stay humble and share your knowledge with your juniors. Be a supporter, and enjoy every service moment.