“I’ve been cooking for 12 years. Everything started back in my country; but before my gastronomic career started, I owned a construction company.

A few years before moving here, I got the opportunity to open a Spanish restaurant, but destiny played its cards and, looking back now, luckily the business fell apart before it kicked off. Using this as a sign, I moved to Spain to study gastronomy and wine with the idea of opening a restaurant here in Miami.

Now I’m working at my second restaurant, and both my knowledge of construction and passion for gastronomy have greatly helped me in this successful journey.

My new concept sits in a zone that’s currently growing and has a lot of potential, but there’s still more to be done and the pandemic doesn’t help; when we started the business it had a different idea, but we had to adapt and adjust, we initially planned to open a fresh chargrilled seafood restaurant because of the amazing grill we have, but had to diversify it so it could also work as a craft beer/market & Sandwich shop, extending outdoor seating – we even had to adjust the logo and our sign outside!”