“I remember when I used to cook and deep fry Poori-an Indian deep-fried bread-I would hide from my mother because she always used to worry I might spill oil over my body.

But with time, in my subconscious mind, this passion grew and even after pursuing my first degree as a Commerce graduate, I changed paths and pursued a Culinary Arts degree. There, I learned how to cut vegetables, how to make mother sauces, and how to clean the kitchen!

For the last 3 years, I’ve been working passionately as a Chef, including my training days. During those years, I’ve worked with some of the best Chefs and restaurants in India, a few being @ChefBjgoa, ChefPavan.Chennai, and Chef Akshay Kulkarni. They taught me how to nod my head and say « Yes, Chef! », more love toward food, how to respect people’s pallets, and perhaps the most important one, how to carry that spark for food inside me.

What pushes me daily to wake up and live is cooking. I put all my effort into bringing the best to the plate and I am so proud and blessed to be a culinary artist.”