“I came to the United States, where I began working in a restaurant under the table while getting my papers. I worked with a French guy who practically shaped me into a man who motivated me to study French food. Then, I learned Japanese food as I worked with some Japanese cooks who inspired me greatly. I thank God I worked with them for a year as I gained a solid foundation in cooking. This allowed me to work in several restaurants as a sous chef in Spanish food, Italian, and more. Later, I worked as a sous chef with a hospitality group that basically manages the Wynwood empire, and from there, I connected with a chef who took me twice to a known food festival in South Florida. This year, after a lot of hard work, I went on my own with just my producer.

I was inspired to make the “Juicy Lucy” hamburger, originally from Minnesota, because no one is making it in Miami. I researched the hamburger and realized nearly everyone here is making Flash burgers, Oklahoma, or classic cheeseburgers. In Minnesota, there are two bars, Matt’s and Five Aids, debating who invented the burger. So you see, the culture behind the burger runs deep. I loved the idea of the Juicy Lucy because it’s the best burger I’ve ever eaten in my life. The difference I did was add garlic aioli, remove the pickles but add mustard for acidity, and serve it with bacon. Anyone from Minnesota knows this could cost me my life!

In this industry, we constantly have to adapt to make unique creations that stand out. So, here we are showcasing what we do and who we are!”