“I reside in Dubai, U.A.E. I’m half Mexican and half Russian.

My road to the kitchen was not straightforward. My grandfather was a great chef who loved his fermentation, and I wanted to continue his legacy as a young boy. But I also wanted to be in the military to serve. And so I did, until a spine accident that rendered me unable to move for almost two years. Coming out from that, I tried to blend back into everyday living. I studied culinary, apprenticing at places like Paul Bocuse’s. But I grew hopeless once again because no one seemed to support my dream. Until I met my wife, she kept me moving forward, starting from the bottom again and pressing on to where I am today.

What keeps me in the industry is my hunger and ambition.
I’m passionate about changing the food landscape of my current place. I want not just to set trends, but set industry standards. I advocate for food sustainability, zero wastage in kitchens, and the use of local produce. Experiencing eating scraps on the streets for a time in my life taught me the value of food.

The most valuable lesson I learned in the kitchen was to trust my team, just like in a military unit but what I’d like to share with cooks across the globe are motivation and vision. Push forward despite the odds, lack of finances, family problems, etc. you will see yourself coming out strong and successful at the end of the road.”