I’m Yaisa, from Maracay, the best city in Venezuela and its surroundings because there are many beaches and mountains.

I came here about six years ago, and the experience has been challenging but rewarding. In my homeland, I had a totally opposite job, but here, I do desserts and make people happy.

I have always liked baking and making desserts, cakes, and sweets on weekends, but I admire and respect the stove. The flame makes me very nervous, so I prefer the oven. I love making cookies; that relaxes me a lot.

I was used to cooking, and life led me here, where I have worked for almost four years. My colleagues are incredible human beings, which has kept me here all these years. What I love most about the kitchen is that there are no limits. If I’m a good cook here, I can be a good cook anywhere. I’m good at what I do and I always put love into it.