My name is Gianfranco. I’m originally from São Paulo, Brazil.

The kitchen wasn’t my first choice when I entered the work field, and I entered it shortly after I decided I didn’t fit into my first area of training. It turned out well, though, because, for nine years, I lived the madness that is the kitchen. I lived it with passion! Which, in my opinion, is the primary thing anyone who wants to work in this industry needs to have. The desire to keep growing and becoming better. Working without that passion in this industry is no life at all.

Being in the kitchen isn’t easy, but even on the most challenging days, the one thing that keeps me motivated is delivering a well-prepared dish to my guests. Seeing their pleased faces and being able to be part of their experience is what makes it all worth it.

A few valuable things I’ve learned along my journey are the study of listening and exchanging information. Remaining humble along the way and being good always pays off in the end, regardless of what others say. Every pain will be necessary to construct and grow as a person and a cook. Don’t worry is one important advice I’d give to the new generation.