I was born and raised in Brazil, São Paulo. My passion for cooking started when I was 15 years old. I remember the day it all clicked one evening; I had a flavor combination in mind, so I started mixing ingredients and hoping they worked together!

In my country, they say women belong to the kitchen, but when I pursued this career professionally, I discovered it was a different story. It was a challenge to inspire respect from others, but all of these obstacles made me what I am today.

The most valuable lesson was always to be open to learning, the world is so big, and we have so much to learn from all cultures; even a dishwasher can teach you a dish from his homeland. The other important task is to work as a team; we must think as a group because we are nothing alone! Stay always hungry for new experiences and flavors! The gastronomy world is extensive, and exploring and being amused by it will always keep us out of the monotony.