My name is Dario.

My passion is art in general. Anything that has to do with art, like music. I don’t identify with a specific genre. I make the music I want. If I want to make a reggaeton one day, I will. I’ll do that if I want to make pop the next. If I want to make salsa, I’ll make salsa.

I believe food is art.

I was talking to the Chef yesterday, proposing a few ideas to unite food and art. When it comes to art, I believe anything is possible because it’s all connected.

I want to connect music with gastronomy using one word or one title. Imagine right now we want to make a dish, and the name of the dish is what the song title will be, and it can connect easily.

I started as a dishwasher due to necessity and experience. I believe we all have something we want to share when we reach our goals. After going through the good and bad times, I know I’ll have something to share. My journey has been ten years worth of making music, adventures, and experiences to share. I’ve gone through good and bad things, and I don’t feel bad about it because I know I can share the story.

All of us can dream. That’s one thing we all identify with. I’ve been in the US for five months. Initially, I came from Moscow, working on a musical project, a video clip. I left Cuba to go to Nicaragua; from Nicaragua, I went to Honduras; from Honduras, I went to Guatemala, Mexico, and finally, the United States.

I felt good living in Moscow, just not as an artist. I realized I wouldn’t succeed as an artist there because it wasn’t my culture. People don’t understand me, And it could be that they identify with the rhythm and dance along with it. Still, they wouldn’t truly understand the lyrics, and that’s something I believe that music and food have in common our listeners or customers should understand the narrative of a dish or a song so it can be appreciated.