I come from Iran, a country full of culture and home to a wide variety of delicious stews and dishes such as “kebabs”.

I spent my early days programming. If anyone would have asked me if I saw myself cooking professionally one day, I would have thought they were crazy!

It was a happy coincidence that I ended up in the kitchen as a young man. I remember starting in a restaurant because I needed a job, but after some time, I discovered this great passion for cooking. Since then, I have focused my life and career on learning this art.

It wasn’t easy though! I remember my first days in the kitchen, I wasn’t allowed near a pan. I was only supposed to wash dishes. I had to work my way up. So, I dedicated myself, and after a while, I was allowed to assist the Sous-Chefs and learn from them. Since then, I haven’t stopped learning and the journey continues.

Along the way, I’ve experienced both good and bad days in the kitchen. It’s basically become like my home. I love cooking dishes and I love fire!

But most importantly, I love the people in this industry. They’re very special and I always enjoy their company. They work as a team and laugh as friends after work.

Working in the kitchen has taught me patience, hygiene, and balance. It takes a lot of focus to work under such stress and be precise every single time.

I’m sure I’m not the only one whose life has changed. There are many great people out there who have great stories to tell about how cooking has changed everything for them. Food knows no borders. Food only knows love!

Respect to all the Chefs out there. Keep it up and I wish you all the best.