I was born in Penang, Malaysia, and moved to Oslo about 12 years ago. I’ve always been interested in cooking since a very young age. I’m not very book-smart, and cooking has always been a path for me to pursue since young. Most of my family gatherings are centered around food, and my mom and aunts can cook a feast! I’ve always preferred hanging out in the kitchen to see the action rather than playing with the cousins! It fascinates me! I guessed that’s where my love for the kitchen began.

As a chef, I work hard to be better than yesterday, even if it is just for small details. A Kitchen crew is like the 2nd family you choose; you spend most of your moments together, is the camaraderie, and knowing they will always have your back is priceless.

If you have time to learn, you have time to clean. A clean and organized kitchen/section is half of the success during service. Working in an organized and hygienic space is crucial for food safety!

The one motto I always kept is, Always ask, Never Assume. When you start assuming something, it often has a negative impact. Also, log off whenever possible. Do something unrelated to kitchen/cooking when you are not at work. Read a book, go to the movies, and find a new hobby. I realized that stepping out of the kitchen has given me focus and brought me fresh ideas and new directions.

Currently, I’m busy preparing for my upcoming Valrhona C3 Worlds Final, representing the Nordic region on the world stage. As well as heading the pastry department for one of the most anticipated and exciting projects Oslo will ever see in the decade to come, the @sommerrohouse Hotel, the first of its kind in Norway.