“If I can’t go to Brazil, I’ll bring Brazil to my backyard.”

I started Regina’s Farm in 2006 as a way to reunite the church community of my neighborhood and celebrate special days like New Year’s and Thanksgiving while raising funds.

After some time, a friend of mine put a post on Facebook about the food and suddenly the Brazilian community took notice, they asked me if I was in Brazil and when they found out I was here, they hired me to host a dinner for 35 people. The week after, I had 90, and I realized the community really wanted to eat from wood stoves and have food from my city Minas Gerais, they really missed Brazil.

My husband built the entire set-up in the yard; he realized my dreams at the same pace that everything was happening. Today, We open 2-3 Saturdays a month, and we’re booked out until January 2022 at least. I went from having my family helping to giving jobs to 11 people, and we’re serving upwards of 140 people each time!

After a year and a half of Covid we’ve finally been able to open again, and we’re getting involved in all things from private event catering to fundraisers for the church!