My mother was my introduction to the kitchen. She was a catering company chef, and I still remember that when it came time for take your kids to work day, she’d let me go with her. I’d taste all kinds of weird, new things. As a matter of fact, the first time I tried sushi and spring rolls it was with her – I remember the spring rolls had goat’s cheese, and I didn’t know you could make cheese out of fucking goat milk – it blew my mind.

My obsession with ramen started all the way back when I was a kid, my family was always big on ordering take-out and I remember watching Toonami while feasting on all this food; the memory stuck. I was a weeb growing up and since they’re always eating ramen, it seeped into my mind at a young age – Goku eating Chi Chi’s food on the table, that shit looked really fire. I always flirted with the idea of becoming a cook, but it wasn’t until I discovered Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and how he spoke about food, that I decided it was my calling.

Mastering the art of ramen was always in the back of my head, and I always practiced during family mealtime at work – but it took the pandemic for me to realize it was what I wanted to cook for a living! While I was working my way around restaurants and learning all I could from the chefs I worked under, somewhere along the way, I ended up learning how to make noodles. Then when the pandemic hit, I was left jobless. A friend of mine suggested I created a ramen kit, and through the help of some Youtube videos and the off-time the pandemic gave me, I ended up developing my own ramen kit and when bars began to re-open, I jumped in and started my pop-ups by asking my favorite bars to bring me in.

I’m truly thankful for the support of the industry, everyone who pushed me to take the leap into this, and I’m able to do this awesome job now thanks to them!”